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BattleTech Thread | Fur Affinity Forums

Quite a few furries are into BattleTech I’ve found, and since I’ve been, rather obsessed with Mechwarrior Online as of late, I felt now would be a great time to open up a thread for all things BattleTech, art, Tabtletop games, videya games, so on.

Speaking of video games, there is the most excellent Mecharrior Online, that I just can’t seem to quit. The recent Turnbased Strategy game by Hairbrained schemes, named BattleTech, and the slightly less recent Mechwarrior 5 mercenaries, which is good, though the mods take it from good to amazing!

Do, turn off your ecm and stealth armor, and share in the love of giant lumbering robos with me, as long as you’re not a clanner. Kidding. Mostly :p

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