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(Base/YCH) Selling: – Summertime YCH / Closed Pending Payments

EDIT: All closed pending payments! Thanks guys

I wanted to make something all summery and paintery, so I thought I’d make a YCH out of it c:

-Six slots, then closed
-$50 USD per slot (PayPal)
-BG will be rendered just a little bit more
-Can be cell shaded or painterly

Slot 1: Camino-Palomino on dA
Slot 2: Zednorav on FA
Slot 3: Sly_Savarin on FA
Slot 4: Yakamaru (pending)
Slot 5: Yakamaru (pending)
Slot 6: CuriousSalem on FA (pending)


-Any feral species with similar proportions (canine, feline, vulpine, dragon, etc.)
-Any gender
-SFW only
-Can make small changes to lineart with no additional charge (ears, fangs, tail, small accessories, etc.)-Wings/additional limbs/major accessories or clothing, + $10

Hope you like!
God Bless,


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