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(Base/YCH) Selling: – Realistic Tabby Cat Adoptable Base ( $20 )


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You may use this base ( or its backdrop ) for adoptables, ref sheets, YCHs, or anything else you like, including for profit.

No watermark included or needed. I prefer but don’t require that you credit me and link back to me ( @mischamisch on FA ).

You may edit this base however you like.

You may sell this base, with or without modifications, as long as it is as at higher price than I sell it at. However, you may not claim that you made it. You also cannot sell it for a lower price or redistribute it for free.

The base is 3493 × 2326. Compatible with any program that can open a PSD file.

Zipped, 1 .PSD file;
-3 highlight layers ( set to Color Dodge, which can be easily changed )
-3 shadow/line layers ( set to Multiply )
-3 base layers with opacity locked for easy coloring
-Painted desert background
-Basic grey backdrop ( as is standard with similar bases )

Layers are grouped into folders by section for organization and labelled clearly.

Full money-back guarantee if the base is not to your satisfaction.

Please let me know if you need anything or have additional suggestions!

All resources used in the making of this base are made by, owned by, or licensed to me for commercial use without attribution.




Or e-mail me at

Or comment or message me here.

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