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(Base/YCH) Selling: – FEM BASE PACK 25USD

Only for 25 USD!
You can make: canine, feline, avian, dragons, humans, bears and lot of other mammals~
To buy comment below or take it on Gumroad

In this pack you’ll find:
– 4 PSD and 4 SAI2 files with SFW and NSFW versions in different sizes. You may just delete NSFW files and use SFW only~
– Instructions for use
– Term of Service file
– How to use this base guide

+ You can create designs for your own use, create adoptables for the sale.
+ Feel free to edit base however you like.
! I only sell PSDs and SAI2 files of my bases which is accessible on all art programs,
I do not and WILL NOT make any other versions. Please do not ask me for it.
! Regarding marketing rights, absolutely no prints, media or merchandise can have my bases included or made use of.
If you are caught doing this.
! Do not gift, sell, steal, reupload, or share any of these files with others.
! No refunds or changes after purchasing.
! Please, credit me, liza_kuun by linking back to my socials or store link so other users can purchase.
! By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to liza_kuun’s Terms of Service.
Purposefully and repeatedly violating automatically revokes your license without refund.

– 19 Ears
– 8 Horns
– 23 Hair styles
– 13 Brows
– 16 Eyes
– 15 Noses
– 26 Mouths
– 4 Claws
– 8 Accessories
– 3 Types of legs
– 11 Various of fur
– 6 Body types in SFW and NSFW
– 20 Tails
– 4 Wings
– 5 Types of penises in the NSFW file
+ Additional paws, back and booty view and in NSFW too


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