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BadRoy is Back(Roy) | Fur Affinity Forums

Hello, wow. I haven’t used this account since… 2015.
Seeing as I hate social media with a passion, and chatting can be disruptive I thought I’d give forums another shot. I have a lot of good forum memories in the past.

Hello (again). I’m BadRoy, an amateur artist and kinkster. Perhaps you’ve seen my middle-of-the-road arts around. I started drawing in 2016 and I’m just doin’ my best.
Depending on the day I’m either Roy, a purple snake lad, or Ayame a robot okapi.

– I like movies, horror, sometimes a vidya game or two.
– Been a vegetarian for 10 years.
– TMNT (IDW) fans, Rivals of Aether players holla back.

Well I’m here for the time being. See you around,
~ Roy

P.S: Should I tag my post? So many new things in six years.


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