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(Asexual)(F4A) Looking for weight gain roleplay


I’m looking for partner(s) for fetish roleplay. First, as a disclaimer, I’m asexual. The primary focus would be weight gain, and I would be playing the feedee role. Other than that, my kinks are stuffing and force feeding, petplay, soft vore and digestion, anything to do with fat or feederism, and being dominated or roughed up. My limits are scat, urine, blueberry, underage characters and inflation.
My character is a female house cat named Biscuit, she’s 4’10” and weighs 250 pounds to start out with, though we can change that if you prefer me to start skinny for you. I’ll attach a picture of her as well. For the plot, we can do anything you want really, although my go to plots are playing a maid for a rich master or mistress, being a pest control worker called in to deal with mice at someone’s house by eating them, or being an athlete who was recently injured and starts to soften up while she recovers. If you have other ideas, feel free to pitch them! Thank you for reading and I hope this is someone’s cup of tea.


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