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So, I’m a little inconsistent with my art style, but its generally on the same line atleast… heres my FA:

I’m willing to draw almost anything, the only exclusions are:
diaper/inflation/vore fetishes [mostly for skill reasons]
birds [feathers will be the death of me, im sorry. if you’re fine with super simplified feathers i’ll do it]
super detailed mecha stuff

that being said, I’m down to draw single characters or couples, since what I would like to get in return is either one of two characters either alone or together. The Deer-Cow is mine, her name is Lillie, and the Wolf is Gin, he belongs to a friend. I have a bunch of references for Lillie [here] but my friend doesn’t keep a list of examples for his chr outside of what I already have in my own examples. sadly.
If you draw them together, he is very much the more dominant one, but also more chill than she is. He has, however, asked me to make a special NSFW request: “If they’re together, can the theme be cum inflation”
Personally, I’m down for them just chilling or it being NSFW, either way. I love them and their giant size difference together xD

Please feel free to ask for anything, nsfw or not, I’ll see what I can do, and I love to have some details to work with when drawing for other people. I don’t really know what else to say other than ask! :D

I also do commissions, so if you don’t want to do a trade, DM me on FA and I will eventually see it. I don’t check it consistently, but I do hop on like once a week maybe. My commission info is in the bio of my page.

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