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Art Trade: – looking for trades (open)

hey there! i posted a good while back, and so i’m back again looking for art trades hopefully! i’ve fallen in an art rut a few week ago and am finally starting to get out of it, and so i’m looking for some new characters to try and help me diversify and improve ^^ my last run at trades, i wasn’t too content with my results.. but i’ve been struggling with my style for a while and in my last few works, i think i’ve finally began to grip at a new style that i am (currently) growing happy with ! so as y’all could probably guess, i want to try drawing some characters other than my own. mostly cause drawing my own makes me wanna revert to my old style you feel.. plus, i mean, hey? do good for others too

like i said though, these would be trades. however, i’m usually very lax with them and am willing to trade with almost everybody regardless of skill level! all i ask is that you genuinely put effort into your piece as i will be mine. as usual, it is important to note these things about my trades: 1.) i am VERY busy in real life with balancing my job and classes and just real life work around my house. with that, topped with the fact i may have multiple pieces to work on, i may not be as fast as you are getting these out. please be patient with me. it may take me a good while (even up to a week or more) to finish yours, or it may take me a few hours. please just be patient with me, i don’t want to put out rushed pieces i don’t like cause i felt pressured. 2.) i may make a sketch of your character rather quickly, but i will not progress any further than this sketch until you show me my finished piece. this is merely due to the fact i have been scammed many times in the past. i know that i will finish yours, but i do not know if you will finish mine. i am not going to put forth effort into finishing my half of you never do your half, even if you never receive your finished half because of that. i hope you understand this. if you have any issue with that, don’t ask to trade with me. trades will be done in almost the order in which they are requested. i will sketch person 1 before person 2, but if person 2 finishes their half before person 1, then i will finish person 2’s trade first.

aside from that, i have some recent examples of my work here! most predominantly pages 3-4, and the first couple images on page 1. most of page 1 is excluded because it is simply rediscovered, old art that i uploaded after stumbling across it again.

i will not draw!!
– detailed backgrounds
– mech
– uhhh humans probably. not very good at them.

i MAY draw
– nsfw. nothing against it, but i’m just not very good at it. if you want to, offer. i might try, but if it does not work out, i will let you know and we can work things out from there.
– super complex markings

i WILL draw
– both feral and anthro characters. note i am far more comfortable w feral, and will, in turn, have better results.
– mild blood and gore. not very good at gut anatomy, however.

ok. but i really really really REALLY wanna draw teeth. give me characters with big teeth,,,,, or that would bear them ú-ù

characters i would be looking to be drawn are honestly anybody in my primary and secondary toyhouse folders, but most predominantly;

– LIAM. nsfw and sfw is ok!! nsfw art w your character is ok! also open to nsfw with other characters of mine. just ask who… he is strictly heterosexual. and he’s a husky. feral and anthro and human is ok!!! for anthro/human clothes, typically hoodies and jeans, or just normal tees. typically wearing dark navy blue, dark purple, grey, or bright pinks.

– BELLA. nsfw and sfw ok. nsfw w your character is ok! nsfw w other characters of mine ok, just ask who. bisexual, male leaning. chihuahua, so she is quite small! feral and anthro and human ok. anthro/human clothes typically?? anything. sweatshirt shown on pictures in her gallery, but also tee shirts, fancy shirts, pants, dresses, skirts.. anything.

– BJORN. nsfw and sfw ok. nsfw w your character is ok! nsfw w other characters of mine ok, just ask who. bisexual, female leaning BUT will hoenstly go after anything w a hole. maine coon mix, but average sized. feral and anthro and human ok. anthro/human clothes typically are button down shirts or hoodies. red maroon and dark green colors are typically his vibe. his ref is very important!! found on his main page outside of his gallery (linking both because of this).

other characters!!

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