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Anyone want to share art of the evolution of their fursona?

I never really sat down to draw a grand pictorial likeness so there’s not a huge gap nor a whole lot to depict evolution these are all works in progress with minimal changes… mostly just trying to get proportions right and get use to drawing something I’ve never tried drawing. For me it was trying to find the character while also trying to find my own style. I’m a 3-D artist and work much better doing that! I typically only drawing to plan out something or provide visuals when teaching and explaining something. As an artist I have a reluctance of letting others draw or do my work for me because of the stubbornness of knowing I’m cabable of drawing it myself thus extremely critical when I know what something is suppose to look like! Classic example of “if you want something done right you do it yourself” I feel that the two renderings make the character old looking, partly my fault. I redrew my fursona again and it has not evolved past the last drawing. The pencil drawings are my own works and the others were done by other artist than myself. Anyway




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