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Happy spring to all you furry, scaled, and otherwise adorned critters! (Yes I know it’s been eight days, but what’s a few days between friends ^.=.^) Soon, the northern hemisphere will be donning its vibrant coat of green once more and sounding off with a cacophony of bird song accompanied by the soft rustle of leaves.

Anyway, I figured this would be a worthwhile thread to create knowing that there are at least a few here to my knowledge who find joy in the act of gardening and may be in the market for such a place to show and talk about their toils in the soil. I will try to post a couple pics a week of progress going on in my own garden, so expect to see a lot of dirt here and as I said before don’t be afraid to throw your own onto the pile! ^^

Yesterday, I moved some of my seedlings into bigger pots and will probably have more I need to move later today. But I have to say I was surprised by how fast these shot up, these just started peeking out two days ago.

These are some yellow pear tomatoes and a broccoli plant in the left corner. I am already a bit behind, I should have my peas in the ground, but hopefully tomorrow that’ll be another thing that has been rectified.

Well I hope this thread can at least be a curiosity to those around and maybe inspire some to dabble with gardening, good day. ^.=.^


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