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Advice on how to make friends in the Fandom?


I just wanted to start a thread to ask how people initially made friends in the fandom?

Bit of background context, I’m 17, Living in the UK, and got into the fandom last summer when a friend introduced me (should’ve seen the trap a mile of :p) but i’ve hardly had the time to get to know anybody other than him and his close friends, until now.

I have a twitter account that has a few followers, and although i’m not aiming to become some massive furry celeb on twitter (im sure they have some special name?) Some advice on how to connect with more people on there would be helpful, as that seems to be where everyone is.

I’ve heard that going to meetups/events is a good way to network, and although i think i’m old enough(?), i feel i’d be too awakward and anxious to go by myself, if at all, atleast currently.

What else can i do to to meet other people (figuratively, at the moment) and make friends?

So yeah, any advice would be great! :p


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