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Advice needed on spherical eyes?

Hi there!
so, this is my first time making a fursuit/costume head lol— decided to make Glitchtrap AKA Malhare from FNAF VR. Getting real close to being done. Anyway I was semi-following a tutorial on making this guy’s head (Andiematronic’s “Spring Bonnie Glitchtrap suit tutorial” on YouTube) and she did this cool thing with these ornament halves, pressed her painted mesh inside of them and got these awesome eyes. Bring the noob I am I had bought a different material for the eyes (a more flimsy fabric instead of her fiberglass mesh) and realized that it wouldn’t work, at least not like how she did it, due to my fabrics much more flimsy and delicate nature. So I wanted to ask for advice— if anyone has any ideas on how I might be able to fit this fabric into the ornament eyes, or if I should just get a new material and if so which material will work for this? I wasn’t sure what kind of fiberglass mesh Andiematronic used for hers. I just really want to be able to give this guy some nice glossy spherical eyes lol. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys!!!


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