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(Adopt/Character) Selling: – WEIRD SPACE CATS FOR SALE $15 to $20

Hey you! Yeah you! I have smuggled these VARIOUS SPACE CATS at great expense from rifts in space time across the universe.
Forged in the heat death of lost universes, SPACE CATS are the only creature fully capable of grasping eternity.
They are loyal, they are curious and exist entirely on a diet of existential questions, cosmic energy, and wet food.
none that dry stuff. They are very particular that way. Extra long necks for SNUGGLING. Extra big eyes for SEEING THE CURVATURE OF SPACE TIME
Take one home today!

Category A space cats are unstable and extra rare. They sell for 20 dollars a piece.
Category B space cats are more common but less likely to scratch through the fabric of the universe. They sell for 15 dollars a piece.

Get them while theyre hot.
if youd like to message me on my furrafinity specifically, you can find it here.


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