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(Adopt/Character) Selling: – (OPEN) Selling A High Quality Coyote Character for around $100

Hello there! I’m trying to get rid of my old fursona, Midi. I no longer want to be associated with her, as she does not bode well with me anymore.

You can view her here:


also, whoever obtains Midi gets a complementary character, Lucius (for free!!) ->

However, I did spend several years collecting art of Midi while she was my fursona. The number of art she has sits at around 165, which includes videos, animated things, videos, several ref sheets, a bag, and of course, lots of other pieces of artwork.

Midi is worth around $150 USD, probably even more if I’m being honest. I am hoping to get at least $100 for her, or maybe even $85 with art add-ons. I will not be considering offers lower than $80 USD, as she is worth far more than that in regards to the amount of art she has. Plus, she comes with another character.

I will not be accepting other characters or offers that do not partially involve a cash payment. (less than $80)

$150 USD is the autobuy price. Remember, whoever obtains Midi gets Lucius ( for free because I don’t want to give them away separately. Honestly, I don’t care what you do with them when you get them, though.

The purchaser must be over 18. Both characters come with several pieces of explicit NSFW artwork and I don’t want to be responsible for exposing a minor to pornographic material.

I will only accept payment via PayPal.

The buyer will receive:

-Ownership rights to Midi, and the ability to use her in any way they please.
-Ownership rights to Lucius, and the ability to use him in any way they please.
-All of their artwork
-A drawstring bag of Midi as seen here -> ( It’s in pretty good condition, but if you don’t want it that’s fine.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

I don’t have much of a platform, so if it isn’t too much for you guys, could some of you um, maybe share this around? It’s okay if you don’t want to of course, but you don’t know how much I would appreciate it. ;w; um anyway, thanks for stopping by!​

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