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(Adopt/Character) Selling: – Mandragora Manticore Adopts ($25 SB)

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* Lineart/designs are my own creations, don’t steal!


Small creatures that grow to approximately the same size as a domestic house cat, these felines subsist off of fruits, berries, nuts, and small insects. The flowers growing from them are actually a part of the creature, and are even able to be controlled to some extent! (The long stems of the flowers can be maneuvered much like a cats tail, and the thorn-covered vines can be controlled to defend against predators.) The sweet fragrance that wafts from the flowers are used to attract insects, and are even a good indicator of the Mandragora’s health! A wilted flower means a sickly Mandragora, and they will remain rooted to the ground photosynthesizing in order to heal up. They will also do this when food is scarce.

~~~ BUYING ~~~

AUCTION ENDS 48 HOURS AFTER LATEST BID – each Mandragora has the same price

SB: $25
MI: $2
AB: $45

~~~ RULES ~~~

*** New Rule – If you claim one of my adopts and decide to back out you will be given one warning (unless a reasonable explanation is given). If you do so again, you will be blacklisted.

Serious offers only, only pay what you can afford

Paypal only

No returns

Buyers will received an 2 unwatermarked png files of this character. One with background and one without. (Transparent versions are also available, please ask if you’d like one)

Once you purchase a character from me you are free to make small edits to its design

You may resell, gift, or trade adopts you bought from me, but please notify me if you transfer ownership so I don’t think someone is stealing.

* Buyers: Please make sure that you download the file after I send it to you, I usually clean out my (a deviantart program used to store private images) every six months. I can also send you the file via email if you wish.

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