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(Adopt/Character) Selling: – [Auction OPEN SB $35 AB $70-150] Dress outfit and sexy Adoptable girls


SB – $35
MI – $5
AB – $70-150 [+ Commercial use rights]

+$10 – [I’ll draw your character in outfits on this bases] :3

*Upon purchase you’ll receive larger PNG version of the adoptable. You also can ask me for an other versions of it. :3
*My characters and commissions for example:
*Payment: PayPal/Payoneer
*The auction ends within 48 hours after the last bid
*Please be prepared to pay within the next 48 hours after being declared the winner of the design
*If the buyer does not respond within 48h, character will go to the previous bidder or will be returned to the auction
*Сan use for commercial purposes if ABed
*No refunds after receiving files with the design are allowed
*The artist reserves the right to post their work in social networks
*You can name and redesign the character
*Gifting/trading/reselling is okay for the same price or lower unless there is extra art along with it
*Please credit me for the original design <3
BID here please:
Adoptable #37 –
Adoptable #35 –
Outfit #75 –

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