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I have a medical emergency and i need money now
(Apparently I have cellulite on my face and if it is not controlled it can affect other parts of my body, eyes and brain included, strange as it may seem)

So i’m selling adopts and commissions
Here some adopts:

SB: 5
MI: 1
AB: 20


SB: 10
MI: 5
AB: 50


Paypal only and payment is required 24h after bid ends!

What you get:
Full res image / No background / Transparent background

-I can change things on her character sheet if you buy AB it just may take a minute for me to draw that out!

Once paid you own this adopt fully!!! You can change her, sell her and use her however you’d like! You can use her commercially as long as you dont use my art!


Anyway, here my FurAffinity Account, i’ll do commissions if somebody request me


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