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(Adopt/Character) Selling: – +$40 Egg Adopt


Auction on furaffinity for the Egg Adopt~
With starting bid you will get front view of the design of the character with lineart and flat colors
SB: $40
Min bid increment is $2
AB #1 – 50$ (+version without clothes and NSFW version)
AB #2 – 60$ (+NSFW version +Full rendered)
max AB #3 -90$ (+NSFW version +Full rendered +NSFW or SFW animation)
The auction will continue to max AB or the lastest bid if someone will bid not max AB and after 48 hours there will not be a new bid.

The winner can choose:
-Body type
-Information that will be on the screen like name, personality and etc.
– You can also say “Surprise me” and i’ll try to surprise you :D

Example of Egg Adopt:

For more examples of my work visit my gallery on furaffinity~
Please if you’re going to make a bid do it on furaffinity page.

Your questions may leave here in comments.

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