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(Adopt/Character) Selling: – $20+ Adopts w/ Outfits

I figured I’d make a separate thread for these since I had so many! Selling these because I’m trying to pay some bills this month so any little bit helps if you can. I also have a commissions thread! And more work/uncensored versions here~

CyberMutt – $20

Werewolfie – $20


Demon/Goat Bby – $20


Creamy Unicorn – $30


TOS for Adopts:
Please do not claim the artwork as your own or trace the work.
You may resell for the same price you got the design.
Small changes to the design are acceptable as long as the design is still recognizable to the original and you do not edit the original artwork. Species and gender can be changed unless it is a closed species.

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