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“A Whole Week In Diapers” Game by ABDLMiah + Download Links [Last Release 06/12/2022] [Update 1.12!]


[Alpha, 0.48] [Game Update 11/27/2021] SubQuests Update!

I have fixed a bug with the beach tilesets, specifically the sand decorations that caused the character to see underneath them.

Now we will have little animals circling everywhere, there are crabs on the beach, little birds on roads and in the city, cats and dogs. You will see later, I hope you like it a lot, now it seems that the game has a little more life.

I have created 3 subquests that you can see in the city area, as shown in the image below!

Each one is different and has a bit of a story about the character.

In addition, in order to create these missions I have made the interior of one more house in the city, in this case the one on the right and which you can see in the following image:


However, it has not been so simple this time, because seeing that the walls and floors were repeated a lot, I decided to start looking more and I have found 4 new types of walls and a few types of floors that you will see later in future updates.

I have added two npcs, in the middle of the city and on the beach which only add some conversation.

And to finish I have to tell you that I have also been continuing with the next update of “camping update part 2” which will be the next alpha of the game.

I have been creating cave tilesets that I needed for that update and I have already created part of the area in which it will be developed as you will see below, there is still a lot of work for this area so at the moment it will not be accessible in this area. version, although surely for the next one if!




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