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A Section of Cyber Connect 2 Wants to Promote Kemono/Anthro Artists

The people that made Fuga, Solatorobo, and Tail Concerto made part of their Cyber Connect 2 site to help Kemono artist with the Kemono Project .

So far they only have lots of good Kemono artists to help make their Anthology books. According to what Microsoft Edge was able to translate, getting their help and making books to sell will hopefully one day fund more future sequels/projects in the Solatorabo universe as well as hopefully help these Kemono artists get the promotion they need to make official manga, anime, and games featuring Kemono.

Since anyone can join, which I guess that could include us, if we could probably speak Japanese first, they’re willing link to each artist to their preferred sites, which is either their pixiv account or their twitter account.

But basically I hope by bring this up people will buy these books to help not just the Cyber Connect 2 team that wants to keep making games, but other Kemono artists that wants to make it big one day.


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