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[. . . a message from the clergy ] /j

hey everyone!

i’m endernewt (he/it), and i’m a 19-year-old art student with a lil’ gremlin mind that loves to collect things *cough* chicken smoothie

some of my hobbies include studio art, songwriting, witchcraft, and being out in nature. my current interests include beastars, bnha, doctor who, hannibal, and the band ghost. i’m all over the place with lots of special interests (and/or hyperfixations), so i’m down to talk about anything and everything that makes you happy!

i don’t know my way around here just yet, but i’m looking forward to meeting people in the process. i’m also brand new to the furry community and always taking pointers/looking to get involved. feel free to hit me up on my discord or message me here if you like to ramble as much as i do! :>


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