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A game using artbreeder (an AI) is an AI that combines a neural net and genetic algorithm, within different categories it is trained on. You pick a category and some images to combine (it has a genetic code of sorts to describe each) and it tries to combine them while sticking to the model. Then it creates a best result and a pool of other child results. You can save the result and then select it and mix in more DNA if you want.
So in this game the first person picks a category and mixes two images that are on the site and posts the result. The next person then creates an image using that previous image and one new on of their choice and this goes on. Eventually someone can declare it done and past a new starting point which may or may not be in the same category. (Note: you will need to either log in via google or make an account so lets see if people do this.)

More detailed steps on how to do this if you are continuing the game:
-Take the page link I give and open it.
-Click corssbreed.
-Click select an image.
-Find something you’d like to mix in (feel free to click reset and try again if you don’t like the result)
-Adjust the slider to take more of certain aspects from each image (it’s fine if you do that just don’t go too far towards one or the other)
-click save when you are done
-click the saved image that shows up bellow
-Post the page that comes up as your page. If you want a thumbnail right click the image on that page and copy image location.

More detail if you are starting a new one:
-Click create
-Click a category
-Choose Mix Image
-Press create new mix
-click “+” and find an image you like
-click “+” and find another
(from here it’s like above)
-click save
-click the saved image that shoes up
-post the preview and a link to the page

It’s easier than I’m making this sound.

My category: portrait


Person 1:

Page: Artbreeder


page: Artbreeder

person 3:

page: Artbreeder

and so on.

I’ll start, still with a portrait

page: Artbreeder


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