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A-animation commissions ! Open! | Fur Affinity Forums

I’m open for animation commissions.


-SFW ;
-Humans; (soooo original… – _-)
-Dragons and Reptiles; (I love dragons and reptiles)
-Pokemon and Digimon;
-Hypno fetish; (yeah am weird)
-NSFW (Depends :)
-Cubporn or anything related to cub-involving fetishes;

If unsure about whether I will or won’t draw something, feel free to contact me!

The price depends on the complexity of the animated drawing, the duration of the animation and the number of objects being animated. I can animate your drawing or draw it myself. See Examples. All animations are frame-by-frame. Prices start from 120$ and its guarantee cyclical color animation with clear lines, lasting 2 seconds.
To claim a slot you should either comment here or PM me (FA notes are also fine).
I will start working on your piece after receiving reference material of your character. (pose or reference or description and half payment.)
Invoice would be sent after discussing what exactly would you like to see drawn by me.

Thanks for attention!


PS: animation, especially frame-by-frame, is a rather long process. Don’t count on finished work on the same day. I know you are smart boys, but some people don’t understand how animation is created. It may take 2 days or a week to complete the job. Depends on the duration and complexity of the animation itself, the drawing and what you want to see on it.


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